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Colloquia at Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory - Proposals

The Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory organizes General Colloquia and Specialistic Seminars. The Colloquia Organizing Team (COT) is responsible for selecting and scheduling the proposed talks. Speakers can be of the AAO staff, scientific visitors, or guests specifically invited for the talks. For General Colloquia we aim at differentiating the topics as to cover each month several subjects of astrophysical interest. The list of confirmed talks planned for the current month and for the forthcoming months is available on the Arcetri Home page. If you are planning to invite a speaker, please check first on the Web the availability of the date, then contact one of the COT members. It may not be possible to satisfy your request because the proposed date is being considered for another speaker (not yet confirmed), or because the talk might be inadequate for a General Colloquium in that period of the year. If it is not possible to schedule your proposed talk as a General Colloquium you can contact the COT for arranging a Specialistic Seminar instead. In this case the COT provides only publicity for the talk but it does not cover any expenses, and all other arrangements are to be made by the inviting AAO staff member.

The Observatory hosts numerous scientists who work in many different branches of Astronomy, and General Colloquia should be understandable by everyone, astronomers or PhD students working in fields not related to the talk topics. We strongly recommend that the speakers spend the first part of their talk in a long explanatory and non specialistic overview of the topic which they may analyze in more detail in the second part. Talks should not exceed 45 minutes, with 10 additional minutes for questions and discussion. Overhead projector, slide and computer projectors are available for the speaker.

If your suggested talk has been confirmed by the COT as a General Colloquium or as a Specialistic Seminar you should contact one of us for some further information or fill out the speaker information form.

For any question or suggestion related to Colloquia organization in our Observatory please do not hesitate to contact seminari.oaa (or one of us).

The Colloquia Organizing Team:

Name e-mail (
Mauro Focardi mauro.focardi
Luca Moscadelli luca.moscadelli
Germano Sacco germano.sacco
Stefano Zibetti stefano.zibetti