Curriculum Vitae 

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The Research Activity of Pasquale Blasi is centered around the study of non-thermal phenomena in Nature, ranging from basic theory of Particle Acceleration in Astrophysics to the origin of Cosmic Rays, from dark matter signals to particle acceleration during the formation of the large scale structure of the Universe. In recent years the emphasis of his research has been on the search for the sources of Galactic cosmic rays, a century old fascinating puzzle, and of the most energetic particles in Nature, the so-called ultra high energy cosmic rays.

Groups: P. Blasi is the Leader of the High Energy Astrophysics Group in Arcetri currently including R. Aloisio, E. Amato, R. Bandiera, N. Bucciantini as staff members (see below for postdocs and PhD students).

Visitors: Prof. W. Matthaeus (UDel) - From October 1st 2015


Shakti P. Duggal Award, by the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) in 2003 for research on the origin of Cosmic rays. The prize was delivered during the 28th International Cosmic Rays Conference (ICRC) in Tsukuba, Japan.

Graduate Students

Marta D’Angelo (GSSI), Sarah Recchia (GSSI)

Past students: S. Gabici, D. De Marco, C. Ferrigno, G. Morlino, D. Caprioli

Postdoctoral Fellows

Martina Cardillo, Giovanni Morlino (GSSI)

Associate Professor

INAF/Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory

Largo Enrico Fermi, 5

50125 Firenze


Professor of Cosmic Ray Physics

Gran Sasso Science Institute (INFN)

Viale F. Crispi, 7

67100 L’Aquila


Phone: +39 0552752297

Fax: +39 055220039